Seoul Study Tour

So Last month, i join a Study Tour Trip to Seoul (South Korea). for a week and it’s super worth it!

Actually i need more week, or maybe a month, or a year, until i get married and have kids. but one week is fine.

I really really really give this special thanks for the KCC for giving the schedule when we’re in Seoul. Well actually i, as a Mass Communication Student really really enjoy this Study Tour. Highlights for sharing about media and entertainment in Seoul.

Not just that!

Day 1 : Flight to Seoul from Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport to Incheon.

(this is where you can see all the happy face start.)

Day 2 : Arrive in Incheon, took a Kimchi class and I learn how to make Kimchi. i eat a lot of sea weed they have Strawberry seaweed.

Yes ladies and gentleman.. Strawberry Seaweed and is Super good…

Then I go to the Cosmetic shop, Then visit Seoul Tower after it,The Seoul Tower is super pretty cause it’s Spring. and they have Cherry Blossom Flowers in everyplace.

And after that I go to Myeongdong. Myeongdong is a Shopping Centre, i went to Myeongdong like… 3 times more… i know once isn’t enough.

Day 3 : Visit a Samsung D’Light. Samsung D’Light have so many activities that we could try. Like this one for example:


photo by samsung D’ Light.

After that I visit Han River, one of the symbolic place in South Korea.


And Sogang University to discuss about Media Industry in South Korea,we discuss about Korean Culture and the curriculum of communication subject that they use. We also talk about student activities in the university, the trend multimedia trends in korea and the digital media. We also talk about what makes korea a leading country in Digital Media Industry . and Finale Hong dar where i can eat this food.


It’s Cheese.. and a chicken.. everybody.. 😢 oh and also a rice cake, i love rice cake.

Day 4 : Visiting Gyeongbok Palace,we could see so many Korean Traditional House here. And sometimes we see a people wear a Traditional Korea Hanbok too!

After that we visit MBC World. MBC World Probably my best highlights study trip ever. i visit a Broadcasting studio, and there’s also a hologram concert, and they give us so many feature about their Television Program such as Infinity Challenge and We Got Married. and they have Max TVXQ cardboard which i’m dying to see. (even it’s only a cardboard #noticemesenpai)

After that we visiting SM Town located in COEX mall. Same, I’m a fan of SM Entertainment since 2006, i love Super Junior and TVXQ so this is the place too…

Oh and SM Town in COEX have a studio also a hologram concert!

This MBC and SM Town is a must destination for K – Pop fans.

Day 5: Visiting Nami Island, place where they shoot a movie called Winter Sonata. We ride a speedboat to reach Nami Island. it’s a best spot for taking a photo. specially in fall or spring and also winter. when i get there last week, there’s so many Cherry Blossom Flowers which make it even more beautiful island.

r that we visiting Dongdaemun to buy a souvenir, if you looking to buy a cheap Souvenir like a chopsticks, or a keychain, or many things well Dongdaemun is the place.

Day 6: Visiting Seoul Institute of art, A University that blow my mind. They have so many facilities for performing arts. Makes me want to study there and digging about the Performing arts and how to play a live performance.

seriously, now i imagine it… that would be cool

and after that we see the Blue House in bus, cause we can’t stop and see it so we just see it by Bus.

then we visit Gyeongbok Palace and National Folklore Museum. I learn and see how Korean People survive and how Korean people celebrate and so many things. I also know what’s Korean Traditional instrument. and we see the palace, and we play Traditional Korean game… where we could play outside, and socialise with their friends.. in the outside..

oh i miss that moment.

the last we see Bibap Theater Live Performance. Seriously, it was my first time saw Live Performance outside Indonesia and i really love it! They show the emotion, the joy, the laugh, the beatbox, to the audience and make the audience loving it. and you don’t have to know about korean language to get their jokes, they attract the audience in a special way.

this is must see performance.

Day 7: Free time so I visit Myeongdong ( I TOLD YOU, ONCE NOT ENOUGH), Hongdae and Itaewon. Itaewon is a place where i could see so many fancy and authentic restaurant, cafe also bar… also mosque…

I Visit Itaewon in the night so i see young korean (i mean korean people) night life.

Day 8: Grocery Store near Airport to buy souvenir like banana milk or a peanuts or a noodle or Korean food and things. and flight back to Jakarta… 😭

so i will give you some advice, if you want to go to South Korea:

  • Use term. it’s easier, and you could enjoy the journey and feeling how to be Korean people.
  • Korean people mostly nice, so don’t be afraid to ask!
  • be careful with your belongings.

so that’s all, if you want to ask me anything about it just write a comment?

or if i write something wrong, just comment it.


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